Blackroll Standard Graphite Massage Roller

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Product description

Blackroll Standard is a universal roller of medium hardness, designed for myofascial relaxation after training. Its smooth surface is used for comprehensive regeneration and muscle-fascial relaxation of the whole body. By using Blackroll Standard you will get the effect of reducing muscle soreness and tension.

Systematic use of Blackroll Standard increases the hydration and flexibility of muscles along with the surrounding fascial tissues.

Self-massage with Blackroll is an effective form of prevention against injuries, as well as a supplement to therapy in order to accelerate recovery and physical activity.

With little effort you will achieve an increase in mobility, an improvement in posture and an overall improvement in well-being.

For whom?

Recommended for people with moderate muscle tension (soreness).
The right choice of the first Blackroll roller for healthy people, especially men and physically active women. A great solution for couples.

Product features

  • medium hardness (slightly springy under the pressure of the fingers / 1-2mm)
  • hydration and elasticity of myofascial tissues
  • it increases mobility, improves posture
  • full body auto-massage
  • size: 30cm x 15cm

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