X-Socks Trail Run Energy U Blue

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Product description

X-Socks Trail Run Energy are incredibly innovative running socks.    Thanks to the use of more than ten patented technologies, they provide optimal comfort for the feet of a demanding runner. They effectively stabilize the feet, support the work of the muscles without limiting its mobility, and prevent abrasions. Their use significantly reduces the risk of injury.

The socks are made of three high-performance fibers and they are tightly combined with an innovative material. Extremely soft Skin NODOR® yarn keeps feet hygienically fresh, light Mythlan® yarn inhibits the growth of bacteria and reduces unpleasant odors. Bisentio®, a multi-functional hollow fiber, is breathable, extremely effective in absorbing shocks and increasing the durability of the socks.

In addition, the Air-Conditionig Channel 4.0 foot ventilation system located on the sides of the sock from the welt to the sole, allows for optimal blood circulation, regulates the temperature of the feet and removes moisture and hot air away from the foot. Therefore, wearing even well-fitting shoes will not disturb the ventilation process.

Lambertz-Nicholson Achilles Tendon Protector ™ System, which effectively absorbs shocks and reduces the risk of chafing on the Achilles tendon. Wrapping cushions that create a soft barrier between the foot and the shoe provide additional protection.

The ankles are the most vulnerable place to abrasions, therefore X-Bionic patented the AirFlow ™ Ankle Pads system, soft crescent-shaped cushions provide the best possible protection of the ankles without affecting the ventilation capacity

Product features

  • flexible, very breathable technical material
  • wicks away moisture, regulates the temperature
  • light compression, supporting the foot muscles
  • supports and protects the Achilles tendon
  • prevents chafing
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