X-Socks Run Speed Two U Black

Product code: XS-RS16S19U-B001

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Product description

X-Socks Run Speed Two are incredibly practical and attractive running socks designed for medium and long distance runs. Full of patented technologies designed to increase performance and enhance wearing comfort. They stabilize the feet, support the work of the muscles without limiting its mobility and prevent abrasions. Their use reduces the risk of injury.

Made of very airy, flexible technical material, they guarantee very quick removal of moisture and excess heat. This functionality is provided by the improved, 4th generation Air-Conditioning Channel technology as well as CentralFlow AirCool Stripes and Traverse AirFlow ChannelSystem.

Lambertz-Nicholson Achilles Tendon Protector 4.0 was also used in the socks. It is a unique two-piece lining system that creates a protective space on the heel. Together with the AirFlow Ankle Pads 4.0 and Heel Protector systems, it prevents abrasions and increases the comfort of wearing.

Product features

  • flexible, very breathable technical material
  • moderate compression, supporting the foot muscles
  • wicks away moisture, regulates the temperature
  • supports and protects the Achilles tendon
  • prevents chafing
  • unisex model

Material composition:
75% polyamide, 18% polypropylene, 6% elastane, 1% glass beads

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