X-Bionic The Trick 4.0 Run M Black Shorts

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Product description

X-Bionic The Trick 4.0 Run is an innovative, incredibly functional, men's running shorts, designed for demanding training and competitions. They look great on the body, emphasizing the athletic figure, but it is only an addition to technologically advanced solutions. The shorts are equipped with partial, moderate compression that supports the work of the muscles. In addition, accelerated blood circulation, which increases the rate of oxygen supply and the speed of removing harmful metabolic products. The raised waistline provides extra coverage and support, and keeps the shorts firmly in place while running.

An important element of these shorts is a special sweat management system. The Trick technology stimulates the body to generate more sweat by increasing the isolation of the spine. The sweat produced is then captured and managed through the Thorny Devil system. It guides moisture through special cooling zones. It maintains the ideal temperature of 37 ° C for exercise, significantly increasing the comfort of training. This effect is strengthened by the ThermoSyphon technology used, which ensures an appropriate microclimate.

Thanks to the use of bacteriostatic materials, these shorts prevent the growth of bacteria and maintain a neutral odor. Manufactured in a modern factory in Italy using the latest Retina technology, they are made of the highest quality without compromise. They guarantee the complete effectiveness of the systems used.

Product features

  • airy, flexible technical material, comfortable to wear
  • efficient removal of moisture and excess heat
  • they maintain ideal conditions for physical exertion
  • compressive cut, supporting muscle work
  • the highest quality production standards

Material composition

  • 88% polyamide, 6% polypropylene, 6% elastane
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