Tubular ViralOff SB 5 U Blue-Yellow Multifunctional Bandana

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Product description

Tubular ViralOff is an extremely multifunctional and lightweight scarf designed for everyday wear. It allows you to save money by replacing disposable masks . Multifunctional chimneys with the VIRALOFF POLIGIENE technology will prove themselves both as antiviral prophylaxis in public places and wherever you need to cover your nose and mouth, but also during outdoor activities.

ViralOff technology stops viruses activity by interacting with key proteins. A 99% reduction of viruses was demonstrated on the test material within 2 hours. This was confirmed by ISO18184: 2019 testing on two different influenza A strains, ATCC VR-1679 (H3N2) and ATCC VR-1469 (H1N1).

ViralOff products can come into direct contact with the skin as they do not interfere with the skin's natural flora. The chemicals used are manufactured in the EU with minimal resource consumption and strict environmental regulations.

The products are certified by Oeko-tex® Eco Passports and in the process of being certified by bluesign®.

The lack of seams and the airy, flexible material ensure comfort of wearing and protect the face against adverse weather conditions (e.g. cold air and wind), so they will work well, for example, while running, hiking or cycling.

For more information on ViralOff, visit: polygiene.com/viraloff

Product features

  • ViralOff technology stops the activity of viruses
  • certified   by Oeko-tex® Eco Passports
  • airy, flexible material
  • I replace disposable masks
  • can be used multiple times
  • can be worn in many ways
  • without seams
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