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Product description

PowerGym Thermo Carnitin XL is the first such advanced dose of the purest L-carnitine. Its innovative formula, increasing the concentration of L-carnitine in the blood, not only accelerates fat burning, but also increases energy resources during hard training sessions.

Thermo carnitin XL supplementation has the following effects and benefits:
-increased fat utilization during and after exercise.
- anti-catabolic action.
-increases energy in two ways: by increasing the use of fats and increasing the activation of energy systems through the use of high-quality guarana.
-increased ability to concentrate during training and the overall increase in the body's efficiency.
-simple and comfortable to open, glass vials exclude the possibility of chemical reactions of the product with the packaging.

One ampoule contains:
-1-carnitine 1500 mg
-guarana 400 mg
-taurin 100 mg
-choline 500 mg
- vitamin B5 6 mg

Energy: 15.2 kcal / 63.6 kJ

Nutritional values:
-protein 0.8 g
-carbohydrates 3,0 g
- fats 0.0 g

Taste: lemon

Dosage: 30 min. before training

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