Salomon Index.01 U White Shoes

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  • Surface Asphalt
  • Type Neutral
  • Destiny Training
  • Weight 285 g
  • Drop 9 mm

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Product description

Salomon Index.01 is a versatile shoe for everyday training, designed for a neutral foot. It is a very well cushioned model with high durability, so it will also work well on long distances. What distinguishes them from other models is that they are fully recyclable.

The mesh upper is made of recycled polyester for good breathability. Flat laces are used to minimize pressure points on the arch of the foot for a more comfortable fit.

The midsole is based on a new, highly reactive Infiniride ™ cushioning foam made of thermoplastic polyurethane filled with nitrogen to reduce its unit weight. It guarantees soft and durable cushioning, and at the end of the shoe's life cycle, it can be ground into small pieces and fully recycled. In addition, the curved design of the R.Camber sole (inspired by Salomon's ski heritage) ensures smooth rolling.

The shoes are designed with the environment in mind , so when your shoes wear out, you can send them to Salomon for free. There they are cleaned and the upper part (made of recycled polyester) is separated from the lower part (made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)), after which the materials are cut into very small pieces. These small parts of polyester and TPU are the raw materials from which new products are made, including the latest generation of Salomon ski boots. Everything is done in local Solomon branches to avoid unnecessary transportation.

To reduce material consumption in connection with the sale of Index.01 shoes, Salomon will not stuff them with paper or add additional labels to them. In fact, starting from the spring season in 2021, all Salomon shoes will be packed in FSC-certified packaging.


  • flat laces minimize pressure points
  • recycled mesh upper


  • the camber profile and the curved geometry of the sole ensure smooth rolling
  • Infiniride ™, nitrogen-filled, resilient foam
  • soft and durable cushioning


  • reinforcements in sensitive places
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