Massage Roller Blackroll Groove Standard Black

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Product description

The Blackroll Groove Standard is a medium hard roller for pre-training myofascial activation. The grooved surface of the Blackroll Groove Standard is used to stimulate the myofascial tissues by achieving a natural vibration effect. Self-massage with the use of Blackroll Groove Standard stimulates the growth of blood circulation, lymph flow and outflow of toxins. prepares and warms up large muscle groups for physical exertion.

With the use of Blackroll Groove Standard you will get the effect of strong blood circulation in order to increase the healing processes of the tissue.

Recommended for physically active people, as a supplement to the pre-training warm-up, as well as for less physically active people who want to obtain the effect of tissue nourishment and accelerate the discharge of metabolic deposits and metabolic substances. A great choice for women, as a supplement to anti-cellulite therapy and firming tissues (increases the absorption of cosmetics into the body).

For whom?

Recommended for people with moderate muscle tension (soreness).

The right choice of the first Blackroll activation roller for people who are physically active and moderately active, especially women

Product features
  • medium hardness (Blackroll Standard hardness)
  • stimulation of large muscle groups
  • size: 30cm x 15cm

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