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Product description

Broyx Sport Alfa Navy Blue 2 is a lightweight anti-smog mask, which is an excellent proposition for runners training in urban conditions, where air pollution is extremely high.

Unlike the previous version of the Broyx Sport Alfa Navy Blu, the mask does not have a spare filter. Replaceable filters are available separately.

BROYX filtering masks have obtained official COViD ATEST for reusable masks. The masks achieved filtration results at> 96%! The COVID certificate was granted on November 24, 2020. by the Central Institute for Labor Protection - National Research Institute.

As a certified sports mask , BROYX ALFA guarantees low breathing resistance and a high level of filtration. Provides protection against air pollutants:

  • dusts PM10, PM2.5, PM0.3 and smaller,
  • aerosols,
  • smog,
  • inhalation allergens,
  • benzopyrene.

The cover of the mask is made of an openwork polyester non-woven fabric, guaranteeing exceptional vapor permeability and wicking sweat to the outside . The use of "mesh" increases the comfort of using the mask on warmer days.

    The BROYX ALFA mask is equipped with 2 valves , which facilitates the free exhalation of air. The most important part of the mask is a four-layer, replaceable filter with a layer of activated carbon and HEPA E12 99.5% electrostatic fleece. Its advantage is low breathing resistance and a high level of filtration.

    The high efficiency of the filter is due to the special structure of the filter layer - its fibers are electrostatically charged, which attracts particles and droplets suspended in the air and facilitates their deposition on the filter fabric.

    Low breathing resistance is the result of the optimal filter design, created as a result of laboratory tests. The BROYX 4P1 filter provides good performance for most urban applications. The elimination of thick and high-resistance layers of nonwovens is also important for the design of the filter. The BROYX ALFA mask is dedicated to people who are sensitive to pollution and those who stay in places with an increased concentration of dust and fungi.

    It is a certified PPE compliant with EU law and has the CE safety mark . All tests and certification were performed in the leading center in Poland, ie the Central Institute for Labor Protection (CIOP) in Łódź.

    The masks comply with the EN149: 2009 standard in the FFP1 NR class.

    Warning! If the packaging has been opened after delivery, in accordance with the regulations , the return of the product is not due for health protection and hygiene reasons.

    Broyx masks are offered in two sizes:

    • M designed for users with a slim to medium build. Head circumference 48-56 cm, height from the base of the nose to the chin about 14 cm.
    • L designed for users with a medium weight and a wide face shape. Head circumference 52-60 cm, height from the base of the nose to the chin about 15 cm

    Product features

    • very high breathability and vapor permeability, the material of the canopy is polyester
    • the mask fastened at the back allows a precise fit, 360 ° design
    • easy size adjustment, solid wide Velcro
    • increased safety, reflector at the back of the mask
    • comfort and stability on the head,   very low weight
    • comfort and tightness, toe cap with sealing
    • BROYX VALVE V2 valves, easier exhalation
    • BROYX 4P1 filters, effective filtration
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