Compressport R2V2 Calf Sleeves U Red

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Product description

Compressport R2V2 Calf Sleeves are seamless compression bands for running and for post-workout regeneration of the well-known Swiss manufacturer Compressport. The compression bands tightly tighten the calf muscles, which causes faster blood circulation, and thus the muscles are much better oxygenated . It stimulates faster regeneration thanks to the efficient removal of lactic acid and its metabolites.

In addition, the compression itself is also responsible for protecting against the formation of microtraumas, which also has a positive effect during rest.
Compressport experts confirm that compression bands can reduce the load on the muscles by up to 42%. The use of bands also lowers the level of fatigue and reduces pain that may arise after intense training. Less muscle fatigue means faster recovery and faster regeneration.

Thanks to the use of a unique technology, compression bands not only support the work of the muscles, but also the knee joint. All this thanks to the use of a special K-Protect tape . This reduces the risk of injury and minimizes pain when running hard or cycling. The latest, updated version has a distinctive three-dimensional fabric , made in 3D Waffle Effect technology, which is responsible for better protection of the ankle and Achilles tendon. In addition , the knee tab reduces shocks and thus knee discomfort.

Compressport experts confirm that compression bands can reduce the load on the muscles by up to 42%.

Product features

  • durable material: 65% polyamide, 35% elastane
  • better damping of vibrations caused by contact with the ground
  • faster regeneration due to the acceleration of the removal of lactic acid and its metabolites
  • the K-Protect system is responsible for supporting the kneecap and the knee area
  • compression improves regeneration and exercise capacity
  • quick-drying material, does not cause abrasions
  • pain reduction during exercise
  • low weight 38 g

Measure the circumference of the calf at its widest point and read the size in the size chart.

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