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Product description

Blackroll Mini is a roller for massage and relaxation of muscles and fascia. It is a compact model for detailed self-massage of small muscle-tendon groups. The smooth surface of Blackroll Mini is used for intensive regeneration and myofascial relaxation of selected parts of the body. Created for deep and effective relaxation of feet, calves, arms, forearms and hands.

Recommended for painful conditions of the plantar fascia, Achilles tendon, tennis / golfer's elbow or carpal tunnel. Supports the treatment of flat feet and bunions. Suitable for post-training regeneration of arms and forearms and hand massage.

A great choice for all athletes, especially runners, people with a feeling of tight, tired calves and achilles tendon pain (especially after Achilles surgery) and women wearing high heels.

Product features

  • available in one hardness (30% harder than Blackroll Standard)
  • for selective massage of feet, legs, arms and other parts of the body
  • for use on the floor, wall and table
  • size: 15cm x 5.5cm
  • small, light
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