Blackroll Duoball 12 Double Massage Ball Black

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Product description

The Blackroll Duoball 12 is a 12cm diameter double extensor muscle massage ball for floor and wall use. They are designed to precisely relax the muscles and fascia along the spine.

Thanks to its unique shape, it guarantees deep massage of the extensor muscles, relieving the spine (vertebrae), and is suitable for the pressure on the trigger points along the spine and its mobilization. Recommended for people with severe back and neck pains, both fatigue and overload. Recommended for people who spend a significant part of the day in positions that strain the spine, especially in a sitting position.

Suitable for people with discopathy and spinal hernias, as well as people practicing strength sports, including crossfit. Available in two sizes of one hardness - Ø 12.

Blackroll Duoball 12 cm recommended for relaxing the lumbar spine in people with a wide extensor spacing, extended back or greater body weight (especially men). Suitable for people with overload pain in the lumbar spine (people with both deepened and abolished lumbar lordosis).

Blackroll   the Healthy Company is a world leader in the production of equipment for myofascial self-massage, promoting a holistic and health-promoting approach to physical fitness. Based on the created by them network of world-renowned scientists, doctors, therapists and athletes, they present innovative solutions increasing the quality of life, effectiveness of therapy and training effectiveness. They listen to their customers, creating the highest quality equipment that is environmentally friendly at the same time. Each product is manufactured in Germany from start to finish, in compliance with all standards and attention to the smallest detail.

Product features
  • for precise relaxation of muscles and fascia along the spine
  • available in one hardness (30% harder than Blackroll Standard)
  • for use on the floor and against the wall
  • high-quality workmanship
  • size: Ø 12 cm
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