Bath salt Salco Sport Therapy Fit & Body - Collagen 3 kg

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Salco Sport Therapy Fit & Body - Collagen, Bochnia salt with soluble collagen to prepare a regenerative brine bath . The wealth of minerals needed to prepare a regenerating bath has been supplemented with the caring effect of collagen. It is a proven skin moisturizer, regenerating and smoothing it. It counteracts skin aging processes, while showing protection against the negative effects of harmful chemical or weather factors.

The advantages of using the product include: dilating blood vessels and improving blood circulation , inducing and supporting the body's defensive reactions, strengthening the overall physical condition. It soothes aching muscles, joints and neuralgia. Accelerating the regeneration process of the body, loosens the epidermis, enabling the absorption of minerals. It lowers the conductivity of the skin, which results in the weakening of neurological and pain symptoms. Increases the elasticity of the connective tissue by swelling of collagen fibers. It also positively influences the body's calcium balance.

In addition, the mineral salt supports the therapy of: upper respiratory tract, rheumatic lesions, skin, traumatic motor organs, joints, muscles and tendons.

An additional advantage of Salco Sport Therapy Fit & Body salt is the possibility of using it as a natural salt scrub.

The best peeling effect is obtained by mixing Salco Sport Therapy Fit & Body in optimal proportions with argan oil or olive oil. After rubbing into damp skin, rinse the remaining salt with cool water after a few minutes.

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