Bath salt Salco Sport Therapy 3 kg

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Product description

Salco Sport Therapy 3 kg is a bath salt that is perfect for the regeneration of muscles tired with physical effort. It strengthens the body, accelerates biological regeneration, increases resistance to diseases, cleanses. It affects the overall improvement of physical condition and well-being. Highly appreciated by professional runners looking for ways to increase their own performance.

The advantages of using the product include: dilating blood vessels and improving blood circulation, inducing and supporting the body's defensive reactions , strengthening the overall physical condition. It soothes aching muscles, joints and neuralgia . Accelerating the regeneration process of the body, loosens the epidermis, enabling the absorption of minerals. It lowers the conductivity of the skin, which results in the weakening of neurological and pain symptoms. Increases the elasticity of the connective tissue by swelling of collagen fibers. It also positively influences the body's calcium balance.

In addition, the mineral salt supports the therapy of: upper respiratory tract, rheumatic lesions, skin, traumatic movement organs, joints, muscles and tendons.

Usage method

The brine bath should be prepared about 2 hours before going to bed (preferably after intensive training or competition). You need to pour at least 1 kg of salt into the bathtub and pour warm water at a temperature of at least 36-38 ° C. Immerse the body deeply in the water and stay in it for about 20 minutes. After leaving the bathtub, do not rinse the body, the left layer creates a salt coat that stimulates the body. The mineral-rich salt left on the skin nourishes it and maintains proper moisture and tension. Remember to replenish fluids, a hot brine bath causes intense sweating.

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